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Dance Party

Product Designer


Dance Party is an innovative coding tutorial made by for the Hour of Code. In less than an hour, students of any skill level will be able to choreograph and code wacky dance videos to some of the most famous songs on the planet.


The kick-off to what would become Dance Party began not with a bang but a whimper. A project manager approached me at my desk and said, "We think we want to do some kind of a dance activity for Hour of Code this year...but no one has any idea what that means." My responsibilities were to figure out what that meant, make it appeal to all ages, and build it quickly. To do this, I worked with our videographer and a couple of engineers. I was responsible for look and feel, UX/UI, and creating all the marketing collateral and web assets.

The challenge of Dance Party was working within the limitations. We found a lot of clever ways to work smarter rather than harder. Intelligent design choices, re-usable rigging, and rotoscoping popular dance moves saved us a ton of time. Dance Party is one of the most popular activities for and Hour of Code, second only to Minecraft.

Dance Party Shirt.png
DanceParty Rig.png
DanceParty Design.png
DanceParty Color.png
DanceParty Animate.png
DanceParty FullCast2.png
DanceParty Shark
DanceParty Sloth
DanceParty Unicorn
DanceParty Robot
DanceParty Frog
DanceParty Pineapple
DanceParty Moose
DanceParty Duck
DanceParty Alien
DanceParty Dog
DanceParty Cat
DanceParty Bear
Frame 182.png
Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 6.43.38 PM.png
Dance Party Marketing
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